Yoon Cheol Jong leaves 10cm

10cm, probably one of the most prominent Korean indie group, announced the departure of its guitarist. On July 4, Magic Strawberry Sound made a post stating Yoon Cheol Jong’s intention to not renew his contract due to health reasons. Through a Facebook post, Kwon Jung Yeol, the lead singer of the group, revealed the struggles and stress he’s been going through following the news. He stated he was as shocked as the fans were when he first heard of Jong’s departure, and how he has never even thought of the possibility of the group disbanding. He continues on to say how much he loves 10cm and the music the group has created so far, and of his renewed sense of desire to carry on the legacy of the band.

He ends the post by sincerely asking his fans to carefully listen to his songs in the coming album, keeping in mind what he’s going through emotionally. He also adds that any rumors or speculations regarding the situations leading to Yoon Cheol Jong’s departure are simply not true.

Since their debut in 2010, 10cm has made more than just a dent to the indie scene. With songs like ‘Americano’, ‘Stalker’, and ‘What The Spring’, they’ve become the face of Korean indie music, and a role model for aspiring indie artists. As a fan, I hope Yoon Cheol Jong a quick recovery to one day join the band again.

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