Saevom starts her own record label

On February 24th, Saevom posted a video on her Facebook page announcing her own record label, 어느새, 봄.

Since English subtitles aren’t available for the video, here’s the gist of it:

  1. Four members are shown in the video: Saevom (CEO, producer), Yu Yong Ho (Singer songwriter), Seol Kyung (Singer songwriter), and Lee Dong Hee (Cinematographer).
  2. She decided to start her own record label when she realized a lot of people in the industry could be dishonest.
  3. Seol Kyung used to be a nurse. She was actually working as a nurse while she worked on her debut album 내 어린 날에.
  4. Saevom has a son named “Grapefruit”… it’s her dog.
  5. They don’t have their own studio due to financial constraints.
  6. Money problems
  7. More money problems
  8. Everyone on the team wishes they got paid a bit more… but Saevom disagrees 🙂 .
  9. Despite all these circumstances, they want to continue to make songs they love rather than the formulaic ones that will probably sell more.

While the second point doesn’t come as a surprise, it’s still disheartening to hear how personal she made it sound. It’s always money… damn that money. As a huge fan of hers myself, I really hope her and her team will be able to achieve their dream of making songs they love without having to worry about all the real life non-sense. 흥해라!

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